San Miniato

Today, this very extensive commune halfway between Pisa and Florence is still a very significant viticultural producer, with some 600 hectares in vineyard, and the fruit predominantly goes to the same well-known Florentine-area wineries.    

But for some years now, our own winery, which has always made wines from its own grapes, has been joined by 11 other producers who have discovered the qualities of our vineyards and the richness of the wines they yield. And so, together with my own winery, they have established an Association : VIGNAIOLI  di SAN  MINIATO ( Winemakers of San Miniato)

The main purpose of the WINEGROWERS OF SAN MINIATO is to bring to the attention of the wine-consuming public the significant quality of the wines in this enclave of the “other Tuscany.”

And speaking of San Miniato We must rememer the great companion of our wines: THE SAN MINIATO WHITE TRUFFLE. 

During the WHITE TRUFFLE FESTIVAL in November  you can discover many pairings between the prestigious truffle and our red wines, but you can also enjoy truffles in many seasons of the year, and you can come and organize a Truffle hunting with dogs! We wait for you!